Täältä löydät tavaroihin tehdyt grafiikkamuutokset


Yksityiskohtaiset muutokset


Kebab Abyssal whip Feathers
Kebab old
Tiedosto:Whip inventory icon.gif 
Abyssal whip detail
Feathers old
Feather (after)
Bird's egg (Guthix) Red partyhat Leaf-bladed sword
Guthegg old
Guthix egg (after)
Redphat old
Red Party hat (after)
LBS (older)
Leaf bladed sword
Adamant pickaxe Hazeel's mark Enchanted key
Addy pickaxe old
Adamant Pickaxe
the old hazeel's mark

the current hazeel's mark

Enchanted key
Enchanted Key (after)
Steel sword Steel scimitar Steel pickaxe
Tiedosto:Old steel sword.gif

Tiedosto:Steel sword.PNG

Tiedosto:Old steel scim.gif

Tiedosto:Steel scimitar.PNG

Tiedosto:Old steel pick.gif

Steel Pickaxe

Steel 2h sword Rune Sword Rune pickaxe
Tiedosto:Old steel 2h.gif

Steel two-handed sword

Tiedosto:Old rune sword.gif

Rune sword

Tiedosto:Old rune pick.gif

Rune pickaxe

Rune 2h sword Mithril sword Mithril scimitar
Tiedosto:Old rune 2h.gif

Tiedosto:Rune two-handed sword.PNG

Tiedosto:Old mith sword.gif

Mithril sword

Tiedosto:Old mith scim.gif

Tiedosto:Mithril scimitar.PNG

Mithril pickaxe Mithril 2h sword Iron sword
Tiedosto:Old mith pick.gif

Mithril Pickaxe

Tiedosto:Old mith 2h.gif

Tiedosto:Mithril two-handed sword.PNG

Tiedosto:Old iron sword.gif

Tiedosto:Iron sword.PNG

Castle wars ticket Cave nightshade Barricade
Agility arena ticket
Tiedosto:Castlewars Ticket.PNG
Deadly nightshade (before)
Deadly nightshade (after)
Barricade (after)
Bandages Dragon Scimitar Helm of Neitiznot
Bandage old
Dragon scimitar

New Dragon Scimitar

HONI old
Helm of neitiznot (e) 
Zombie champion scroll Skeleton champion scroll Lesser demon champion scroll
Zombiescroll old
Zombie Scroll (after)
Skellyscroll old
Skeleton Scroll (after)
Demonscroll old
Lesser Demon Scroll (after)
Imp champion scroll Ghoul champion scroll Giant champion scroll
Imp scroll old


Ghoul scroll old


Giant scroll old


Goblin champion scroll Jogre champion scroll Earth Warrior champion scroll
Goblin scroll old


Jogre scroll old


Earth warrior scroll old


Hobgoblin champion scroll Knife Dragonstone/Skills necklace
Hobgoblin scroll old


Knife (before)
Knife (after)
Dragon Necklace (older)
Dragon Necklace (old) 
Skills necklace
Unidentified/Grimy herbs Identified/Clean herbs Nurse hat
Unidentified/Grimy herb (older)
Grimy marrentill
Identified/Clean herb (old)
Clean kwuarm
Nurse hat
Ectophial Adamant 2h sword Molten glass
Adamant 2h sword (old)
Adamant 2h sword (new)
Molten glass old

Molten glass

Adamant scimitar Adamant sword Bronze 2h sword
Adamant scimitar (older)
Adamant scimitar (new)
Adamant sword (old)
Adamant sword (new)
Bronze 2h sword (old)
Bronze 2h sword (new)
Blue charm Crimson charm Green charm
Blue charm (older)
Blue charm (old) 
Blue charm
Crimson charm (older)
Crimson charm (old) 
Crimson charm
Green charm (older)
Green charm (old) 
Green charm
Barb-tail harpoon Air rune Rune crossbow
Harpoon (before)
Barb-tail harpoon
Air rune1
Air rune2 
Air rune3 
Air Rune
Rune X-Bow (before)
Rune crossbow
Explorer's ring 3 Rune defender Steel key ring
Explorer's Ring 3 (older)
Explorer's Ring (old) 
Rune defender old
Rune defender
Key ring (after)
Bird's egg (Saradomin) Bronze defender Iron defender
Blue bird egg old
Saradomin Bird's egg (after)
Old bronze def
Bronze defender
Old iron def
Iron defender
Steel defender Black defender Mithril defender
Old steel def
Steel defender
Old black def
Black defender
Old mith def
Mithril defender
Adamant defender Plant pot (empty) Rake
Old addy def
Adamant defender
Pp old
Plant Pot (after)
Rake (new)
Toktz-ket-xil Antipoison potion (4) Karambwan
Obby shield old
Antipoison (after)
Karambwan old
Karambwan (after)
Lobster Raw crayfish Legends Cape
Lobby old
Crayfish (before)
Crayfish (after)
Legends cape1

Legends cape2 Legends cape (after)

Dragon 2h sword Disk of returning Gold Charm
Dragon 2h sword (before)

Dragon 2h sword (after)

Disk of returning

Disk of returning (after)

Gold Charm (older)

Gold charm (before) Gold charm

Grim reaper hood Bird's egg (Zamorak) Tinderbox
Grim reapers hood (before)

Grim reapers hood (after)


Zamorak egg (after)

Tinderbox old1
Tinderbox (after)
Dragon platebody Goblin mail Ball of wool
D plate old
D plate
Goblin mail old
Goblin mail
Ball of wool old
Ball of wool
Monk's robe (top) Monk's robe (bottom) Dragonstone ring/Ring of wealth
Monk's Robe (before)
Monk Robes
Monk's Robe (before)
Monk's robe bottom
Ring of wealth (old)
Dragonstone ring
Bucket Camouflage clothing Dragon chainbody
Bucket (before)
Bucket (after)
Camo top old Camo legs old Camo hat old
Tiedosto:Camo top.PNG Tiedosto:Camo bottoms.PNG Tiedosto:Camohelm.PNG
Dragon Chainbody (before)
Dragon chainbody
Ancient Staff Dust rune Snape grass
Ancient staff
Dust rune (before)
Dust rune (after)
Snape grass old

Snape grass1

Haarniskat ja muut vaatteet

Dragon scimitar Dragon longsword
Dragon scimitar (before)

Dragon scimitar (after)

Dragon longsword equipped

Dragon longsword (after)

Abyssal whip Vyrewatch clothing
Abyssal whip (before)

Abyssal whip aa

Vyrewatch clothing (before)

Vyrewatch clothing (after)

Silverlight Dharok's greataxe



Dharok's greataxe (after)

Rune pickaxe Scythe
Wielded rune pickaxe
Rune pickaxe equipped
Scythe Old
Scythe (after)
Dragon 2h sword Bronze scimitar
Dragon 2h (before)
Player wielding d2h
Bronze Scimmy (before)
Bronze scimitar
Rune 2h sword Zamorak godsword
Rune 2h Old
Rune 2h
ZGS (before)
ZGS (after)
Rune scimitar Adamant pickaxe
Weilding Rune scimmy old
Rune scimitar equipped
Adamant pickaxe(before)
Adamant pickaxe(after)
White/Detailed decorative armour Red/Basic Decorative armour
White decorative armour
Detailed armour (after)
Red decorative armour
Decorative Armour (after)
Gold/Intricate Decorative armour Brown apron (female)
Gold armour (before)
Intricate armour (after)
Brown Apron (before)
Brown Apron (after)
Rune longsword
Rune longsword (after)

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