Tältä sivulta löytyy tietoa Chat kasvoihin tehdyistä grafikaalisista muutoksista.


Oracle King Vargas
Oracle (before)
Oracle (after)
King vargas detail
King Vargas (after)
Party Pete Hazelmere
Party Pete (before)
Party Pete (after)
Hazelmere old-1
Hazelmere (after)
Ezekial Lovecraft Phileas the Lumbridge Guide/Sage
Lovecraft detail
Ezekial Lovecraft (after)
Phileas the Lumbridge Guide (before)
Phileas the Lumbridge Sage (after)
Gypsy Aris Pirate Pete
Gypsy Aris
Gypsy Aris (after)
Pirate pete
Pirate Pete (after)
Drunken Dwarf Donal
Tiedosto:Dwarf head.gif
Tiedosto:Drunken dwarf-detail.png
Donal (before)
Donal (after
Grim Reaper Snow imp
Grim Reaper (before)
Grim Reaper (after)
Snow Imp (before)
Snow Imp (after(with scarf))
Leprechaun Larry Bob the Cat
Larry Old
Larry (after)
Bob Old
Bob (after)
Reldo Filliman Tarlock
Reldo Old
Reldo (after)
Filliman Old
Filliman (after)
The Face Fred the Farmer (1)
The Face Old
The Face (after)
Fred Older
Fred Old
Fred the Farmer (2) Hetty
Fred Old
Fred (after)
Hetty Old
Hetty (after)
General Khazard Sir Prysin
Khazard (before)
Khazard (after)
Ehntor Prysin (before)
Ehntor Prysin (after)
Leela Hooknosed Jack
Leela Old
Hooknosed Jack Old
HN Jack (after)
Toban Colonel Grimsson
Toban Old
Toban (after)
Ye olde Grimsson
Ali Morrisane Goth leprechaun
Ali M (before)
Ali Morrisane Head
Gothic Leppry (before)

Gothic Leppry (after)

Kolodion Young Ralph
Kolodion old
Young Ralph old
Ralph (after)
Chaeldar Fairy Queen
Chaeldar (before)
Chaeldar (after)
Fairy Queen (before)
Fairy Queen chathead
Fairy Godfather Fat Rocco
Godfather (before)
Fairy Godfather chathead
Fat rocco head old
Fat Rocco chathead
Slim Louie Fairy Nuff
Slim Louie chathead old
Slim Louie chathead
Fairy nuff detail
Fairy Nuff (after)
Fairy Chef Fairy Very Wise
Old fairy chef
Fairy chef chathead
Very very wise old
Fairy Very Wise chathead
Fairy Aeryka Finlay the Fishing Tutor
Aeryka (before)
Fairy Aeryka chathead
Finlay old
Finlay (after)
Bob Donie
Bob (after)
Donie old
Donie (after)
Lanthus Shamus
Lathus old
Lanthus (after)
Shamus old
Shamus (after)
Cart Conductor Commander Veldaban
Conductor old
Conductor (after)
Veldaban old
Veldaban (after)
Rolad Co-ordinator
Rolad old
Coordinator old
Co-ordinator chathead
Beigarth Smokin' Joe
Tiedosto:Beigarth chat old.PNG
Tiedosto:Beigarth chat.PNG
Joe old
Joe (after)
Professor Oddenstein Gatekeeper
Oddenstein old
Oddenstein (after)
Mindslayer old
Gatekeeper chathead
Stankers Sphinx
Stankers old
Stankers (after)
Old Sphinx chathead


Agility assistant Ranged assistant
Circus Barker (before)
Circus Barker (after)
Circus Barker (before)
Ranged assistant
Magic assistant Irksol
Circus Barker (before)
Circus Barker (after)
Irksol chatchead old
Irksol chathead
Jukat Blasidar the sculptor
Jukatc old
Jukat chathead
Blasidar old
Blasidar (after)
Lunderwin Fairy shopkeeper
Lunderwin chathead
Lunderwin (after)
Fairy shopkeeper chathead
Shopkeeper (after)
Grandpa Jack Bonzo
Jack (before)
Grandpa Jack chathead
Bonzo (before)
Bonzo chathead
Colonel Grenda Grew
Grenda old
Grenda (after)
Grew old
Grew (after)
Nomad Queen of Snow
Old-nomad chathead
Nomad (after)
Snow Queen
Queen of Snow (after)
Zanaris choir Fairy Fixit
Zanaris Choir old
Zanaris Choirt (after)
Fairy Fixit old
Fairy Fixit (after)
Master fisher Bert
Master fisher old
Master Fisher (after)
Bert (before)
Bert (after)
Vampyre juvinate Traiborn
Vampyre Juvinate old
Juvinate (after)
Traiborn old2
Traiborn (after)
Grunsh Grish
Grunshchat old
Grunsh (after)
Grish (before)
Grish (after)
Watchtower wizard Hreidmar
Watchtower Wizard (before)
Watchtower Wizard (after)
Hreidmar old
Hreidmar (after)
Ogre guard Og
Ogreguard old
Ogre Guard (after)
Og (before)
Og (after)
Enclave guard Purple Pewter Secretary
Enclave guard old
Enclave Guard (after)
Purple Pewter secr old
Secretary (after)
Malak Goblin
Malak old
Malak (after)
Goblin old
Goblin (after)
Dorgeshuun goblin TzHaar
Dorgeshuun old
Cave goblin
Tzhaar old
TzHaar (after)
Cap'n Arnav Bonafido
Arnav old
Arnav (after)
Bonafido old
Bonafido (after)
Dionysius Mr Mordaut
Dionysius chat old
Wise old man
Mr Mordaut Chathead
Mr. Mordaut (after)
Drezel Morgan
Drezel (before)
Drezel (after)
Morgan old
Morgan (after)

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